Warren Will Be STO-ing It On DirecTV

As OMW earlier suspected, the absence of the 444xx ZIP codes on SportsTime Ohio’s “You Can Watch Us On DirecTV Here” list was apparently a typographical goof.

The updated list, now on STO’s website, includes ZIP codes 44400-44499. Among other places, this includes not only Warren and Niles, but also Newton Falls and other parts of Trumbull County. It didn’t make any sense to us that Warren was not on the original list, and Youngstown was able to see STO via DirecTV.

But, as far as we can tell, the 449xx ZIP codes for the Mansfield area are still out of the loop. And from what we’re hearing, STO via DirecTV is still “hit and miss” at times even if you’re IN the ZIP codes prescribed in the deal…

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