Drennan In More Trouble

Former WKNR/850 sports talker Bruce Drennan, forced off the air due to a gambling probe, is in more trouble with the government.

The Plain Dealer reports today that the Internal Revenue Service has charged the former WKNR mid-morning host with cheating on his taxes. The move comes after that agency, along with the FBI, raided his home in Strongsville in September 2004 as part of their investigation into an alleged gambling ring. The PD notes that the IRS charges do not specify illegal gambling, though they point out that such income would have to be reported on tax returns.

After the investigation became public, Drennan left WKNR’s 9-noon show only to return a while later. He left the station for good in October 2004…after a lengthy Plain Dealer article detailing parts of that federal investigation, management at the Salem Cleveland sports talker placed him on leave. That turned out to be a permanent departure for Drennan, as WKNR sports director Greg Brinda took over mid-mornings after that.

Drennan later resurfaced in sports media, joining former WKNR Internet partner as host and program director. The site, now calling itself, still lists Drennan on its schedule today from 10 AM-2 PM, though a quick check with the site’s streaming audio at just past 1 PM has us hearing a repeat of the STN morning show…

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