Some Short TV News Items

ITEM 1: OMW caught former WKYC/3 and “PAX 23 News” reporter John Freiss back on the local airwaves last night. He’s apparently doing fill-in work for WOIO/19-WUAB/43’s “19 Action News”, reminding us of the stint that former WKBN/27 anchor Catherine Bosley did last year. Bosley’s now a full-time reporter at “Action News”.

ITEM 2: We’re not sure why, but WKYC weekend anchor Scott Newell made the trek down to Main and Market, and anchored the station’s “Akron/Canton News” on Wednesday (6:30 and 10 PM, Time Warner 23 or 17 or whatever channel it was on). Well, we think it was Wednesday, because we can’t get the newscast here in Not Yet Time Warner, Wait Till Late July Land. So, we saw Newell in the station’s web video clips out of Akron. We bring it up because we don’t recall someone not normally stationed out of the station’s downtown Akron bureau doing the newscast. It may mean nothing…

(UPDATE – We’re reminded that it’s quite possible, through the magic of “green screen” technology, that Newell did the Akron/Canton newscast without leaving the comfort of WKYC/3’s downtown Cleveland studios. Remember, the “set” for Akron/Canton News doesn’t exist in reality…)

ITEM 3: WKBN/27’s digital transmitter, reported below, is still testing over in Youngstown. Tonight, it’s not putting a regular enough signal into the OMW World Headquarters…but we assume they are not at full strength…

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