Batting Cleanup

Since our title is a baseball reference, maybe we can do better than the Indians have done in the past week or so – with a list of items mostly cleaning up from previous entries…

THEY’RE BAAACK: It hasn’t aired in Cleveland as of this writing, but CBS Radio has officially debuted the new over-air version of the “Opie and Anthony Show”…which will run in just under two hours locally on WXRK/92.3 “K-Rock”.

The only thing we were wondering about – how will the pair sanitize its over-air simulcasted hours – was addressed…according to the item in Radio & Records Online linked above. The new replacements for fired David Lee Roth talked about how difficult it was not to use profanity. That tells us that CBS Radio is at least hoping they don’t have to basically glue the dump button down for three hours, at any rate. (The show will air without profanity dump, even in those hours, on XM Satellite Radio.)

Unless “K-Rock” does something interesting locally at 3 to introduce them, or unless they mention Cleveland at all, or unless they send listeners into a church, this’ll probably wrap up our coverage of this for now.

TO THE SUMMIT: A Friend of OMW points out that there’s something odd about the HD2 AAA format set to debut on the HD Radio subchannel of Clear Channel Cleveland hot AC WMVX/106.5…the name.

Neither of us are sure WMVX will actually use the name of the format that’s been given by the Clear Channel “Format Lab” HD2 initiative. Clear Channel could well program it locally. But if they don’t here, and WMVX just takes the raw AAA feed from Format Lab, it’ll be known as “The Summit”. Sound familiar?

It won’t be a big problem at least while all the local HD Radio listeners could still fit into a dining room, but we’d suspect the branding wouldn’t go over well with Akron’s WAPS/91.3, the original local “Summit” AAA format station. We believe, though, that Clear Channel has at least one commercial over-air AAA station using the moniker…

SNOW GONE: It’s now official, as FOX News Radio talk host Tony Snow has been named the new White House press secretary.

We touched on this item a while ago, since Snow was recently added to the lineup of Clear Channel talk WKRC/550 Cincinnati, his only major market Ohio affiliate. There’s no word on if Snow will even be replaced on the FOX News Radio side, or what WKRC will do to fill the void left by his departure. A “quick fix” would be to slide Premiere’s Glenn Beck back into the slot, but if the station goes another direction, it’d be interesting.

We’d try to avoid generalizations about Premiere’s waning support for Beck, with many of these decisions are actually made locally in the Clear Channel universe (like WTAM/1100 going with a local mid-morning show after Jerry Springer got bounced). But we remember that Akron’s WHLO/640 basically had to send up flares and call out the Highway Patrol to get Premiere to talk to them about Beck after he was first bounced from WTAM.

ONE COLUMBUS NOTE: AllAccess reports that Radio One urban WCXK/107.5 (“Power 107.5”) in the Columbus market brings up Nia Noelle for middays. She was last at Cumulus urban AC WRHP in Huntsville AL, and has Ohio ties…she’s originally from Columbus…

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