Akron Winter ’06 Book

OMW believes that Arbitron’s guidelines don’t allow us to put up the entire list of 12-plus numbers. But we think we’re still allowed to give you the order in the “vanity” numbers for Akron’s Winter 2006 book:

1. WQMX/94.9
2t. WDOK/102.1, WMJI/105.7 and WNIR/100.1
5. WONE/97.5
6. WENZ/107.9
7. WAKS/96.5
8. WKDD/98.1
9. WZAK/93.1
10. WMMS/100.7

Since we watch news/talk/sports a lot around here – Cleveland’s WTAM/1100 took a dip in Akron, as did WHLO/640 (a smaller dip) and news/standards WAKR/1590. There was a slight uptick for liberal talk WARF/1350, though it hasn’t quite yet reached its highest numbers as a sports talk station. Cleveland sports talker WKNR/850 was down a bit in Akron.

If you want to see our definition of “slight” or “smaller”, we can’t help you any more than directing you to Radio & Records Online for the full 12-plus numbers. We believe we’re not even allowed to directly link to the Akron numbers, so you’ll have to find it yourself in their Ratings section.

Again, as we point out repeatedly – A) we are not experts at analyzing ratings, and B) these are the 12-plus “vanity” numbers, which really don’t mean anything. But they’re up, so here they are.

Cleveland’s are due out tomorrow, and from what we can see, they aren’t embargoed as in past books. We’ll do the same with Cleveland tomorrow, and leave it to others to tell you what they think these relatively meaningless numbers mean…

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