Late Night Snack

We’re hungry, for some reason…

MORE SNOW: No, that’s not the late April Ohio weather forecast, it’s another item about the departure of FOX News Radio host Tony Snow for the White House spokesman’s job. This time, we now know what the network will replace him with, starting Thursday.

It’ll be “Brian And The Judge”, which is not a bad 70’s sitcom. No, it’s a show hosted by two FOX News Channel regulars, Brian Kilmeade (“FOX and Friends” co-host) and regular FNC commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano. Kilmeade has filled in on other FOX News Radio talk shows, including the satellite show “FOX Across America with Spencer Hughes”. Napolitano is a frequent fill-in host for Bill O’Reilly’s “Radio Factor”.

What we haven’t found out – what is Cincinnati Clear Channel talker WKRC/550 going to do? They can presumably buy some time with SOMETHING coming down the FOX News Radio line, but since they brought in Snow in part due to his Cincinnati ties…we doubt they’ll stick with the new show for long. WKRC’s website shows nothing other than a headline congratulating Snow on his new job…

MORE O&A: The new CBS Radio morning show hosted by Opie and Anthony, which is an afternoon show on Cleveland’s WXRK/92.3, didn’t have much for us to talk about in the few minutes we heard today. But the pair wasn’t sure what station they were on in Cleveland, and gave an inadvertent plug to former David Lee Roth affiliate WNCX/98.5 in the process.

Bouncing back and forth between 92.3 and the 3 PM replay of the same show on XM Satellite Radio, we noticed that WXRK was taking advantage of the pre-recorded show to fill slightly less commercial break time. By the time the show hit about 3:45 on 92.3, it was a good 3 more minutes ahead of the XM version, which started a minute or so after WXRK started their replay. It makes sense to us, since in general, afternoon drive spot loads are less loaded than morning drive spot loads.

And it gave us time to listen to WTAM/1100 afternoon motormouth Mike Trivisonno’s “Build A Roof Over Cleveland Browns Stadium So Cleveland Can Host A Superbowl” show. That reminded us of the old days many, many years ago, when legendary “Sportsline” host Peter J. Franklin touted the benefits of a domed stadium for Cleveland…long before Cleveland Browns Stadium or Jacobs Field were built.

MORE WNCX: The CBS Radio Cleveland classic rocker has put up an online survey, asking listeners what (and who) they want on the station’s new morning drive show. Quoting the site, which for some reason resides on sister station WXRK/92.3’s web space and former domain name:

“We’re asking for a few minutes of your time today to answer a few questions about morning radio. We want to get your feedback on what we should put into our new morning show, as well as who should be a part of it.

There are not right or wrong answers here. We’re looking for your honest opinions so that we can the best classic rock morning show for Cleveland.”

Now, time to raid the fridge…

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