Pittsburgh’s “War Room” Adds XM Satellite Radio

We hear that WPGB/104.7 Pittsburgh’s “War Room”, heard locally on Clear Channel talk WHLO/640 Akron and in much of southeast Ohio on WWVA/1170 Wheeling, is now heard nationwide on XM Satellite Radio’s “TalkRadio” channel 165 (PDF schedule file link).

The channel is the renamed “Ask” channel, which has long featured political talk radio shows interspersed with the advice shows the channel was originally meant to hold. The show replaces a repeat of Premiere’s “Coast to Coast AM”. “TalkRadio” is programmed by Clear Channel.

The XM channel carries the morning show with Jim Quinn and Rose Somma Tennant live in its 6-9 AM (ET) slot. In addition to WPGB, WHLO and WWVA, “War Room” at least used to be heard in Johnstown/Altoona…though we’re not sure that affiliation still exists…

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