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NOTE 1: A regular OMW reader tells us WTAM/1100 afternoon motormouth Mike Trivisonno turned his sights on John Gorman, former veteran local PD who now writes a radio column for the Cleveland Free Times weekly newspaper. The problem? Gorman’s most recent column, where he echos the general thought that Triv is “quaking in his boots” over the addition of syndicated stars Opie and Anthony to the WXRK/92.3 “K-Rock” afternoon lineup.

Well, OK. Regular readers of This Space know that we’re not exactly in the “O&A Will Wipe The Floor With Triv” category, even assuming he stays in his current time slot (see many, many items below for speculation on that). There’s no denying the pair was formidable competition for Triv in the talk radio realm, when they were on then-WXTM/92.3 in 2002…but we went into a multi-part dissection of their chances in the current environment long ago.

We’d also like to take the opportunity to reiterate that WE HAVE NOT HEARD ANY EVEN SOLID RUMOR that Triv is about to make the move from WTAM afternoons to mornings on FM (presumably WMMS, if that happened). IF this is indeed being kicked around, which we do not know if it is, a lot of consideration would have to be taken, including the impact on A) Clear Channel’s existing morning drive shows and B) the question of how Triv would actually do against strengthened morning drive competition.

And we’d also like to clarify that such a move, if it happens, wouldn’t at all appear to be a reaction to the O&A return to the local airwaves to compete with Triv. We seem to remember that there were marketing calls asking “would you listen to Triv in mornings” even before the CBS Radio afternoon duo returned to over-air radio.

We speculate with the best of ’em, but we try to clearly identify when there is no information we would consider to be solid to back up our speculation. Feel free to join that speculation party, but know that OMW is NOT reporting that a morning drive move is imminent for Triv.

NOTE 2: Local radio types in Northeast Ohio should be thankful that Susquehanna left local radio ownership long ago, with the sale of WHLO/640 back in the day. The company is just a day or so away from being officially taken over by Cumulus…and the job carnage prompted by that merger may make the term “bloodletting” look modest.

So far, Atlanta appears to be the Susquehanna market seeing the most carnage, but Cincinnati has been affected as well. AllAccess reports the exit of urban oldies WMOJ/94.9 “Mojo 94.9”, AC WRRM/98.5 “Warm 98” and country WYGY/96.5 “Star 96.5” VP/GM Dan Swenson, with WMOJ VP/GM Gary Lewis taking the reins of all three stations.

More budget cuts are said to be in the works as Cumulus takes over, and anyone in radio will tell you a GM leaving in this kind of environment could well be a sign that more people are also out the door soon.

Cumulus, of course, has existing clusters in Ohio markets like Toledo, Youngstown and Canton. But in those cases, they’ve been operating the stations for some time.

NOTE 3: OMW has regularly run radio “Help Wanted” advertisements. But the above item reminds us to also offer “Situation Wanted” ads for out-of-work radio/TV pros. The first one is already in, and we’ll run it later today.

In yet another reason we probably won’t make money with this thing, both “Help Wanted” and “Situation Wanted” advertisements will be free, and will run in the regular course of the OMW news cycle for now. Later, we may add links to them over on the left…

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