Three Situation Wanted Ads

We’ll print our latest Situation Wanted ads here, and repeat our first ad as well. If you’d like to add yours, drop us a note at the address under “View my complete profile” over on the left side of OMW. Please let us know if you’d like to place the ad “openly”, and what contact information you want to publish. We will provide forwarding/blind boxes/etc. for anyone who needs that.


SITUATION WANTED: Northeast Ohio radio veteran, now in Florida, would like to return to Ohio. Bob Knight is now in Florida programming AM standards outlet WSBB/1230 in Daytona Beach, and his resume up here includes WIXY, WDOK and WMMS/Cleveland, WKBN/Youngstown, and a long stint programming WCUE/1150 in the Akron market. He also reminds us that he put the original WKDD/96.5 Akron on the air. Bob has also been in Lima, Findlay and Toledo, among other markets. Contact Bob at home: 386-424-9942, or office: 386-428-9091.

SITUATION WANTED: Extremely loyal, opinionated, and personable 25-year radio vet seeking full-time gig in any Northeast Ohio capacity. Last heard on-air full-time as a dominator in small-market AC format where personality was king, currently part-time in Classic Rock where liners are lords in two minutes per hour. Know some digital, learn more with ease. Willing to work on-air, promotions, production…doesn’t matter, and don’t need the big bucks…just something livable. Prefer adult skewed music/talk format where lines are clear and smart fun can be had by all. Small, medium, or large market..let’s make broadcast radio great again! Reply to OMW Blind Box #2, via our E-Mail address under the “View my complete profile” link.

SITUATION WANTED: A 15-year-plus broadcast professional is looking for part-time, fill-in or even full-time work in Northeast Ohio radio, or full-time work anywhere in America. Our first job seeker is a veteran of mainly news/talk formats. Experienced in news anchoring, reporting and hosting. A hard worker, dedicated and with many skills outside the newsroom or talk studio, including extensive experience in operations assistance, computer automation systems and Windows PCs. Our ad placer can do not just news and talk, but would be interested in working in any adult-targeted music format as well, and would also be interested in off-air operations support work. Reply to OMW Blind Box #1, via our E-Mail address under the “View my complete profile” link.

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