WHLO Update

OMW hears out of Freedom Avenue that Clear Channel talk WHLO/640 Akron is preparing to make a mid-morning change, which is hinted about on a page on their website. The page allows listeners to vote on a choice between “The War Room with Quinn and Rose” and Premiere’s Glenn Beck in the 9-10 AM hour.

Starting Monday, the station will air Beck for all three hours of his live show, from 9 AM to noon. When WHLO picked up Beck after sister talk WTAM/1100 Cleveland dumped him, they slotted the show from 10 AM-noon, despite the fact that the morning drive show with WPGB/104.7 Pittsburgh’s Jim Quinn and Rose Somma Tennant actually stops airing at 9 AM. The 9-10 AM hour of “Quinn and Rose” on WHLO has been a repeat of the 6-7 AM hour already airing on the Akron station.

The reason for that repeat? WHLO’s night power level, 500 watts, basically doesn’t reach nearly all of Cuyahoga County – or as Quinn puts it, “the more fortunate suburbs of Cleveland”. In winter months, the 500 watt power level doesn’t go away until roughly 7:45 AM. But in the summer, all or nearly all of “Quinn and Rose” is heard at WHLO’s daytime power of 5000 watts. Thus, more sunlight paves the way for full, live airings of both “Q&R” and Glenn Beck.

It’s good timing, too, with Monday’s premiere of Beck’s CNN Headline News show. (We unfortunately missed most of it yesterday, as we were engrossed in something else when intending to watch the show. But we caught the tail end of it late Monday night.)

The previously announced “National Lampoon Comedy Countdown” show will air Sundays from 7-10 PM on WHLO…a change now reflected on a new WHLO schedule on the station’s website…

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