Our 58 Update

That’s 58, as in what you get when you add “3” to “55” for this update:

WKYC HD: We’ve noticed, in watching Cleveland NBC affiliate WKYC/3’s new HDTV newscasts, that not everything is “there” yet for the debut week. This morning, meteorologist Hollie Strano apologized for not having her usual morning quiz graphics, saying “not everything’s been converted yet” to HD. While she said that, we couldn’t help but notice a flat screen monitor just above her head…which appeared to still be wrapped in plastic. The things you notice…

We also noticed that so far, none of the station’s stories originating from the Akron/Canton Bureau have either widescreen or HD video. We’ll assume the WKYC outpost at Main and Market has yet to be retrofitted with such equipment. The twice-nightly newscast produced there for Time Warner Cable is obviously not in HD, unless there are plans afoot that we don’t know about.

We’ll assume, though, in the general scheme of things, that WKYC will also add HD equipment in Akron…and even if the live HD transmission paths are probably still a ways off, they could still send live video to Cleveland in 16×9 SD…

WBNX SCHEDULE CHANGES: It’s been tipped by contributors to our item below about WB affiliate-to-become-CW affiliate WBNX/55, but we’ve now found the confirmation.

According to this graphic found on the WBNX website, the station plans to air syndicated reruns of the hit show “Friends” in the weeknight 10 PM slot starting on June 11th. (We’ve edited the graphic down for space, to the top and bottom parts.)

That time slot is very significant…currently, it’s occupied by “The Ninety and Nine Club”, a religious talk show hosted by none other than WBNX owner Rev. Ernest Angley. We don’t have any word on where Rev. Angley’s show will move in the schedule.

UPDATE: We’re told that Angley told viewers of his show that it would still air in its morning time slot – 9 AM – when we’re told he sometimes does the show live. WBNX also apparently plans, if what we’re being told is correct, to add an additional subchannel to the upcoming WBNX-DT, alongside digital/HD programming for the main channel. No matter what WBNX does as far as programming this subchannel, it’d probably provide an opportunity for Angley to get an evening time slot for his show on the new second outlet.

He’s moved “Ninety and Nine Club” on his own station once before. The show’s name refers to its old time slot of 9 PM weeknights, a placement Angley abandoned when he agreed to affiliate WBNX with the then-new WB network…

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