Maxwell To Nights At WNCI/Columbus – No, Not THAT Maxwell

What are the odds that two large market Ohio Clear Channel music stations would feature air personalities with the single name “Maxwell”?

Apparently, even money.

AllAccess reports that the artist we’ll call “Maxwell #2” has landed in the open night slot at CC top 40 WNCI/97.9 Columbus. He’s inbound from Lafayette LA, where he’s been APD/MD/nights at Citadel top 40 KSMB. He’s also done morning drive in New Orleans. AllAccess says he’ll pick up MD duties at WNCI at some point down the road.

Our original Clear Channel Ohio “Maxwell” is, of course, afternoon driver at the company’s rock WMMS/100.7 in Cleveland, who’s dabbled in doing weekend talk at sister talk WTAM/1100.

In a business where air names get copied, duplicated or just happen by coincidence, it’s not a huge surprise, even though both “Maxwells” will be working for the same company within about 120 miles of each other.

So, here you go…OMW now presents Maxwell vs. Maxwell:

At left, the WMMS afternoon driver…

And at right, the new WNCI night guy…

We’re reminded that there are at least two or three Danny Wrights running around radio, and not just the Cleveland radio veteran (“G98”, WGAR/99.5) who now handles Jones Radio’s syndicated country overnight show “Wright All Night” out of his new home area in Seattle. In fact, one of the other Dannys has experience in other Ohio markets.

But the long-time Cleveland voice is still the original Danny Wright to us, and not just because he’s a regular reader of Your Mighty Blog of Fun(tm)…though that helps…

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