Thursday Grab Bag

Some random items to head into June:

ITEM 1: Chicago Sun-Times media beat writer Robert Feder reports that the Chicago-based producer of syndicated CBS Radio morning show “Rover’s Morning Glory” has left the show. Feder says about the departure of market veteran Joe Bartosch from the program headed up by Shane “Rover” French: “It can’t be a good sign when a failing morning show loses one of its few connections to its home market.”

Regular readers of OMW know that Feder, considered the dean of radio/TV newspaper columnists, has been sniffing at Rover since day one…at least some of that due to Rover’s importation from here in Cleveland.

Whether you could call the show “failing” is up to your interpretation of Chicago market ratings, but it’s been a tough early 6 months for Rover and company at WCKG/105.9 there…while Rover is still, from what we’re told, holding down excellent numbers at former home base WXRK/92.3 here in Northeast Ohio.

ITEM 2: Outside our usual coverage area, but we’ll mention it…Cox talker WHIO/1290 Dayton has added a couple of news anchors, according to AllAccess. Sean Copeland joins for afternoon news duties from a Tulsa station…he’s also been syndicated, as news anchor for St. Louis-based “Steve and DC”. Wendi Williams joins up for news co-anchor duties…she’s a former staffer at news/talk WPAY/1400 Portsmouth, down in far southern Ohio.

ITEM 3: Right here in the area…a regular Akron-to-Cleveland commuter sends us this picture of a huge billboard for Clear Channel talk WTAM/1100. This is a conversion of, if we remember right, the old Goodyear sign which gave time and temperature to commuters going southbound on I-77, near the I-480 interchange. While that local landmark featured flashing lights in pattern…this one’s just a straight billboard.

Our OMW reader got out of the car and got this picture along Rt. 21, not far from the sign above the Cloverleaf Lanes bowling alley. We’re assuming this is the largest billboard in the area…perhaps only dwarfed by that LeBron James “Witness” billboard on that building near Quicken Loans Arena downtown.

ITEM 4: And speaking of LeBron…did you know “LBJ” was the program director of a trio of urban formatted stations in New Orleans? No, the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar is not dabbling in radio.

This “LeBron” – featured in an AllAccess “10 Questions” interview, is not LeBron James…he’s LeBron Joseph, who is also morning co-host at one of those Citadel stations, KMEZ/102.9 “Old School 102.9”.

We’re curious – is this the only LeBron in radio? It’s a very unusual name.

We’re just giving a heads up in case he ever decides to move to Cleveland…

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