Some Cincinnati Moves

OMW is hearing rumblings that Radio One Cincinnati urban outlet WIZF/100.9 is advertising its upcoming frequency change on-air…a move that sometime in the next few weeks will take it to 101.1 FM.

The move is needed because of Radio One’s second, incoming Cincinnati market FM station – WIFE/100.3 Connersville IN, which will head for the Queen City as Radio One purchases the locally-owned eastern Indiana oldies outlet.

Though Radio One is not entirely an urban format operator – it’s had a couple or three mainstream top 40 outlets and even a couple of alternative rockers in its history – there aren’t many who expect the oldies to stay on the new Norwood OH-licensed 100.3.

For that matter, the oldies are actually fairly new on the current WIFE-FM. The long-time country FM station recently flipped to a simulcast of its AM oldies station, and changed that station’s call letters to WIFE(AM). 1580 AM there is expected to maintain the current format and name when 100.3 heads for southwest Ohio…

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