Happy Anniversary to…Us

Today marks the first anniversary of the establishment of Ohio Media Watch.

One year ago today, your Primary Editorial Voice became one of the last human beings on earth to start a blog. (We think even a few cats and birds beat us to it.) Since that modest start on June 26, 2005, OMW has grown by leaps and bounds.

Honestly, we have no idea exactly how many people read Your Mighty Blog of Fun(tm). The only number we can go by is the number of hits to the “View my complete profile” page, which is likely not even seen by the vast majority of our casual readers who have no need to contact us. That number, as of today, is pushing 1600.

But the story goes far beyond the numbers. Here at OMW, we are consistently surprised when we find out who reads our little blog.

An example: Out of nowhere, a well-regarded major market programmer outside Northeast Ohio dropped us a note telling us how much he enjoyed reading our efforts here. And that’s by far not the first note we’ve gotten like that. We also get regular public comments from the likes of Cleveland radio veteran Larry Morrow, and former WFHM “95.5 The Fish” morning co-host and local TV personality Robin Swoboda. Again, all unsolicited.

We’ve also been the subject of long, vehement tirades, and have heard that other media types have called for our virtual head. But other, more enlightened broadcasters at all levels know and appreciate our work here.

Anyway, the point is that we can pretty much safely say that OMW has readers in every major and minor broadcast cluster or group in Northeast Ohio. And probably…many of them, in each location.

The coming year will most assuredly be one of change for us.

We know – the upcoming sale of the OMW World Headquarters in Northwest Akron has become something of a running joke here, but it will be unavoidable for us sometime this summer. (We’re what you call a “motivated seller”. Very motivated.) We’re still likely exploring a departure from the Northeast Ohio area, though that is not certain at this point. And even if we do leave, it would be entirely possible to continue this endeavor using modern technology.

We’ll keep you up to date as soon as we know. And thank you for your continued readership and support…

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