Quick Hits

We’re batting cleanup with some small items this afternoon. (No, we’re not available for the Cleveland Indians lineup. We couldn’t hit a baseball if you put it on a tee-ball stand in front of us…)

ITEM 1: We normally break out Cleveland Plain Dealer sports media columnist Roger Brown’s Monday column as a separate item, as it’s the one that’s supposed to focus specifically on sports radio/TV/media items. There’s just not enough material in the column to do it this time.

Real Estate Roger has takes on decent ratings for ABC’s World Cup 2006 soccer on WEWS/5, and the loss of some Ohio State sports events for local over-air stations that we touched on earlier in the item about the new “Big Ten Channel”.

Brown notes that WUAB/43 will lose some Buckeyes basketball games, but does not mention the same will happen to low-power combo WAOH-LP/29 – W35AX “The CAT”. But he also says WOIO/19 will lose some Ohio State football games due to the switch.

Is he sure about that? We were under the impression that OSU football was pretty much available every week on over-air stations (usually WEWS/5 as part of ABC’s deal). We’ll have to check on that…

That’s about all that’s worth noting from Roger’s column this Monday.

ITEM 2: AllAccess confirms the rumblings we reported on Friday – “The Iggy Show” is out in nights at CBS Radio Cleveland alt-rocker WXRK/92.3 “K-Rock”. WXRK has not named a permanent replacement.

ITEM 3: Some Toledo moves, also off the AllAccess scroll…Urban Radio Broadcasting CHR/rhythmic WJZE/97.3 “Hot 97.3” picks up “Doc Love” as the station’s new assistant program director/PM driver. “Doc”, former PD of Milwaukee urban outlet WKKV, takes over for the filling-in “Reggie Reg”…

And “Kramer” has left the set of the TV show Seinf…er…the MD/nights position at Clear Channel top 40 outlet WVKS/92.5 “Kiss FM” in the Glass City. WVKS programmer and operations honcho Bill Michaels is asking for tapes for Kramer’s replacement. (Sorry, we ran out of quotation marks…)

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