Cleaning Up After Ourselves

Some notes and followup based on some of our other items…

KASPER ACTION: Everyone’s favorite local Radio Friendly Ghost (OK, sorry, last time we’ll use that joke) has made an interesting list – AllAccess “Action”. For those who aren’t familiar with the list, it’s where the popular trade website plants names that may (or may not) be involved in future career moves or other such items.

Kasper, who is still assistant program director/music director/afternoon driver at Clear Channel Cleveland top 40 WAKS/96.5 “Kiss FM”, was recently considered for the program director slot blown open by Dan Mason’s move to sister Miami top 40 outlet WHYI “Y100”. While we always considered him a strong candidate for the job, it ended up being sister rock WMMS/100.7 programmer Bo Matthews who tacked on the new title to his current duties.

While there are some already speculating that Kasper is headed off to either Chicago or New York City, we caution that we’ve not heard anything yet. (We’re also reminded that Kasper’s former “Kiss” PD, Mr. Mason, is looking for help in middays/imaging help down in Miami.)

And yes, Kasper is a regular reader of Your Mighty Blog of Fun(tm), though he’s been quiet as a churchmouse in our direction since even before Dan Mason scooted south. He’s a reader, not a talker.

We do know that he returned to Cleveland in part because he said he was interested in programming, an opportunity that wasn’t in his job description at Philadelphia’s “Q102” (he was solely the afternoon drive personality there). Whether continuing to be APD/MD here is enough to keep him around…we honestly do not know. But it does seem AllAccess thinks he’s up to something…

ZIPPO IN THE IDAHO: It’s funny how much of an impact a satellite 24/7 format morning show host can have. Most of ’em are basically generic and ignored locally, but our item on former ABC “Pure Gold” morning host/PD Jim Zippo stirred some memories.

We did some further checking, and it appears his move to small city Idaho may have been more of a lifestyle move than yet another sign that oldies are going out of style. We found this in a “situations wanted” ad he posted some time ago while still doing mornings at a Las Vegas oldies station:

Seeking family friendly city to do morning drive show; Las Vegas is too wild for us to raise our 3 young children!

We’d imagine Pocatello would fit in the “family friendly city” category. And Zippo noted his availability in AC or other contemporary formats. But his best work and most recent work has been done in the oldies format, and we still believe he faced fewer opportunities because of it…

KRAMER! KRAMER!: Take it for what it’s worth, as it was an anonymous comment… but someone posting to one of our earlier items says they’ve already figured out the new destination for former WVKS/92.5 “Kiss FM” Toledo night slammer and MD “Kramer” – the “Kiss FM” sister station in Hartford CT, WKSS/95.7.

For what it’s worth, the WKSS website does not list an afternoon drive personality…or if it does, we can’t find that listing.

UPDATE: We hear it’s indeed happening – Kramer is heading for Hartford’s version of “Kiss FM”.

A reminder, again. We appreciate these tips, a lot! But…if we don’t know where they are coming from, we can’t have much of an idea how accurate they are.

Please drop us a private E-Mail at the address linked under “View my complete profile” to the left of the OMW scroll, and let us know who you are. Your anonymity will be assured. If you’re not comfortable E-Mailing from your workplace, drop us a note from home. We’d tell you we can be trusted, but we’d have to tell you who’s talked with us in the past…and we can’t do that, since, well, we assure anonymity. We’re so good, we can’t give you proof!

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