Cincinnati Swap – Friday or Saturday?

Both stations involved in Clear Channel Cincinnati’s AM swap have started promoting the change, both on the air and online.

First, “Homer, The Sports Animal” checks in, with this website banner telling listeners to tune in Friday to hear the new “1530 Homer”.

OMW also heard a fill-in for afternoon drive host Lance McAllister this afternoon promoting the switch, and noting that Lance’s personal blog is moving to – an address which is already working as of today.

Listeners have also heard liberal talk WCKY/1530 promoting the switch, and the home of Jerry Springer’s mid-morning show has put up a website banner saying that “The Revolution of Talk Radio” can be heard on 1360 starting Saturday. Is the swap Friday or Saturday?

Simulcasting a moving station on both old and new frequencies is a common thing, but would CC pre-empt all or part of the liberal talk station’s programming day on Friday to do it? If we find out which day it happens, and at which time, we’ll let you know.

And look at the second banner carefully, and you’ll learn that Clear Channel is apparently not changing the calls on the swapping stations. With the move, the progressive talker will apparently take the existing 1360 calls of WSAI and become known as “1360WSAI – The Revolution of Talk Radio”.

That leaves the WCKY calls behind for “Homer”, which oddly enough is the only station of the two which never uses its call letters on-air – except for during the legal ID…

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