Now, WNCX Taps G98’s Memories

Apparently having mined most of what there is to mine from the city’s rock radio history, with many former WMMS and “M105” personalities contributing to help fill the open morning slot at WNCX/98.5, the CBS Radio Cleveland classic rocker is turning to top 40 radio history tomorrow…and a part of its own history, before classic rock hit the 98.5 airwaves.

Swiped off of a message on a local radio message board, purporting to be from the station:

For fans of the old WGCL, tomorrow (7/7/06) will be your opportunity to relive some old memories. The guest host in the morning will be Dave Sharpe, with guest appearances by Tom Jeffries, Bumper Morgan, Lynn Tolliver, Uncle Vic, The Bagman and perhaps more.

It won’t be super inclusive, but there will be airchecks, interviews, music and general reminiscing of old stories for the station that occupied the 98.5 frequency from August 1972 to October 1986.

Tune in to 985WNCX on Friday, July 7th from 6a-10a.

No word on if G98’s signature personality, the man once known as “Dancin'” Danny Wright, will take part via phone from Seattle.

Danny, who’s now doing Jones Radio’s overnight syndicated country show “Wright All Night” based in the Emerald City, wouldn’t exactly be hard to track down for the WNCX folks…he’s been kicking around the past and demise of “G98” with your Primary Editorial Voice and others on that very message board.

By the way, we stumbled onto a 1985 aircheck of “Dancin’ Danny” on G98 at Uncle Ricky Irwin’s excellent site. However, the site has now put all its audio behind a subscriber wall. If you do subscribe, check it out here.

Meanwhile, we’re hearing absolutely nothing about who (or what form of show) may eventually take over the open WNCX morning drive slot…

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