A WBNX HDTV Update – Sort Of

OMW reported in April that Cleveland market WB network affiliate WBNX/55 Akron had received its long-awaited construction permit for its digital station on channel 30, WBNX-DT.

Since then, it’s been a bit confusing. After we were told that a station representative said construction wouldn’t be complete until “Spring 2007”, others said they’d heard that the station would be up by the fall premiere of WBNX’s new network, The CW.

Despite numerous attempts to get an answer out of WBNX, we haven’t heard any clarification or received any response. Well, there’s a little more to the story…we think.

WBNX’s “Trends” web page has changed slightly. Though the text about the station’s earlier inability to get FCC approval of its digital construction permit has not changed – even though that permit has actually been obtained – they have changed the date they have in mind.

It’s over in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section in blue-green print:

Q: What is the projected
start date for wbnx-tv?
A: Endeavoring for Sep 2006

That “Endeavoring” date used to say July 2006, until recently. September, of course, is the debut of the new CW Network…we now hear that it’ll start Monday, September 18th.

In case you’re a fan of TV history, even recent TV history, you might want to tune into WBNX on the previous night, Sunday the 17th. The outgoing WB network plans a look back at its 10 years on the air…and has even obtained rights to early WB shows that are now airing elsewhere…

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