KISS’in Down to Miami

Former WAKS/96.5 “Kiss FM” program director Dan Mason has taken his first draw from his ex-station’s staff.

AllAccess reports that Mason has tabbed night slammer J-NIICE and imaging director Brian Mack from the Clear Channel Cleveland top 40 outlet to join him at the company’s sister station in Miami – WHYI “Y100” – where Mason recently took over the programming chair.

You may have noticed we said “first”. It means nothing, other than us wondering if other “Kiss Cleveland” types will join Mason in Miami. We haven’t heard anything about anyone following J-NIICE and Mack down to South Florida. Former WIOQ “Q102” Philadelphia imaging director Steve Sykes is also on-board at Y100 now, acting as a “creative consultant” from his current location in St. Louis.

And yes, before anyone comments, we know that Q102 was Kasper’s last radio address before he returned to the APD/MD/afternoon gig at WAKS. We only keep repeating this because these sorts of moves always have people asking about Kasper for some reason.

We have yet to hear if Kasper even has an INTEREST in moving on from Cleveland. For all we know, he’s snug as the proverbial bug in a rug in his current position. We do know he’s a local native, and all other issues aside, he presumably likes it here.

We’re beginning to wonder if Kasper isn’t Cleveland radio’s version of basketball’s LeBron James, where people are SURE he’s destined for Bright Lights, Big Cities…just waiting for his chance to bolt Cleveland. (Of course, Kasper already left once for that Philly gig.)

No matter what happens in that regard, new “Kiss” PD Bo Matthews is looking for replacements for his departed night guy and imaging guy. If you’re a regular reader here and can’t find the address of the Clear Channel World Domination HQ by now, we’re not going to be of much help…

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