Two My Network TV Moves

As a number of Ohio TV stations get ready to mount a fall season with a new network, at least two stations are doing something this week.

MY43 COMING?: The long-standing website, online home of current Cleveland market UPN affiliate WUAB/43, is now sporting this one-page under construction graphic… with a hint of things to come:

Presumably, this leads to on-air branding of “My 43” to replace “UPN 43” at the market’s upcoming My Network TV affiliate.

Well, at least for how long it will last at the Raycom Media sister of CBS affiliate WOIO/19…the station hasn’t been emphasizing the UPN 43 branding for all that long. Until fairly recently, it was “43 The Block”. We recall one of our earlier missives on that name: “The Block of What?”

WOIO’s website at is unaffected.

CAPITAL GETS MY NET ON DIGITAL: That second “new network” has also found a landing spot in Columbus, and it won’t be running off pattern on the current “UPN Columbus” (WWHO/53 Chillicothe) when that station becomes an affiliate of the CW Network in September.

TVWeek reports that among the latest batch of outlets for My Network TV includes Sinclair’s WSYX/6 “ABC 6”, half of the company’s current duopoly with co-owned WTTE/28 “FOX 28”.

The story indicates My Network TV will air on WSYX-DT, which would indicate the company will mount a third channel via the ABC 6 digital signal – and seek cable and satellite carriage in the market. That’s the same route taken by Chelsey Broadcasting ABC affiliate WYTV/33 Youngstown…which will launch “MyYTV” in the fall on WYTV-DT, as that market’s My Network TV outlet.

Sinclair has a very good relationship with the MNTV folks…they were one of the first broadcast groups to sign up for the new network, happy with the fact it wasn’t asking for “reverse compensation” like The CW is.

Thanks to an OMW tipster for the heads up on both of these items!

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