A Murder – and Radio – Mystery?

This is something we’ve been hanging onto for a while, and it seems to be developing…soon.

Someone pointed out to OMW a “second career” being pursued by former WKDD/then-96.5 Akron program director Chuck Collins, and we’ve been meaning to give him a plug for his work.

Chuck – under the pen name Elmer Polk – has been writing mystery novels under the heading “The Radio Murders”. You can sample some of his work on that site, and read some other musings at the Elmer Polk site. Those looking to publish his work can find his literary agent’s number there as well.

And it’s one musing there under the “Essay” heading that we found just as interesting as his works of fiction.

Radio has opened a door. It is up to me to make the most of the invitation. No delusion here, this will be tough. But unlike the foreign territory of financial services and life insurance, the reputation precedes me and the skills are well practiced. Living up to those expectations is, once again, a matter of one day at a time.

We are wondering just where that “door” will open, and how soon. Best of wishes to Chuck, though, for both his radio career and for his writing career…

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