FOX Morning Show Airing Later Here, New Local Show?

OMW recently passed along a FOX press release about the debut of a new national 9-10 AM morning show, to be hosted by two FOX News Channel personalities. It’ll air on all of the network’s owned-and-operated stations, including Cleveland’s WJW/8.

But…it apparently won’t air at 9 here in Northeast Ohio. And a new locally-produced morning show may air in that time slot.

The New York Times’ Jacques Steinberg weighs in on the new show (registration required), but notes the following:

Because the Los Angeles station already has a morning show at 9, and the station in Cleveland is planning to produce one of its own, Mr. Swanson said those stations might delay carrying the new national show until 10 a.m.

This is the first we’ve heard of a possible new WJW-produced 9-10 AM show, which would follow the station’s FOX 8 News in the Morning…

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