Shout Out to Alabama

OMW would like to give a hearty “hello” to certain executives from Montgomery, Alabama…who are rumored to be camping out today at Reserve Square in downtown Cleveland.

Of course, this is all in reaction to the giant mess created there this past week, when a move by the “19 Action News” newsroom prompted the city’s most popular professional sports team to pull the pre-season rights to its games from Raycom Media CBS affiliate WOIO/19.

If the Raycom folks are near a computer during their time in the market – and we can’t help but think they are, and would have laptops in tow – they may well land here.

If so, we invite them to feel free to punch in “WOIO” up at the top, in the OMW search bar, and read some of the antics the company’s Cleveland stations have been up to in the past year or so.

If it were us, and we were drinkers, we’d get a drink, first…

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