Weekend Housekeeping

Just some minor housekeeping issues…

You’ll notice that we’ve overhauled our “links” area to the left side of Ohio Media Watch. We hope we’ve been inclusive, but will continue to add any links we feel are vital.

We’d also like to thank Charlie Profit (, who has registered the domain on his own and redirected it to your Mighty Blog of Fun(tm). We didn’t ask him to do it, but he wanted to make sure it was out there for folks who might need it.

The domain is not under OMW’s control, and will remain the primary address to reach OMW until further notice. Please continue to use that address in your bookmarks for OMW. At this time, we plan to do nothing further regarding the new domain.

But having it out there, and the redirect to here, will hopefully catch folks who don’t remember the full URL for OMW…

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