Late this Sunday night/early Monday morning, your Primary Editorial Voice(tm) is at the keyboard doing a Google “ego search”. OK, so every once in a while…we want to know who’s finding us and how, and we hadn’t done it in a while. (Those who know us know we have an ego that can fit roughly in a thimble, with enough room to fit a needle and some thread.)

Our early morning tip of the hat goes to Pho’s Akron Pages, a comprehensive and well-written politically-oriented blog from a left-leaning perspective. He gave us a nice plug in his author’s profile at another well-regarded local blog, Brewed Fresh Daily.

(If you’re looking for political balance, in our usual, even-handed style…we know that the proprietor of a popular local conservative blog, Right Angle Blog, is a long-time OMW reader.)

Anyway, back to Pho…who had this to say about us in a recent item of his own:

In my trolling for area blogs I found Ohio Media Watch which is less watchdoggy and more inside baseball than the portentous title makes it sound. It’s quickly becoming a favorite.

Thanks, Pho!

We’re sorry if the title made it sound like we’d mount the high horse and expose wrongdoing…it’s just an extension of other similar titles for media news blogs all over, including our good friend Scott Fybush’s NorthEast Radio Watch.

This gives us a chance to reset, and explain ourselves a little to new readers.

Ohio Media Watch covers news concerning radio and TV outlets and personalities in the Northeast Ohio region, including Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown/Warren and nearby areas. We also pass along rumors of changes at local broadcast outlets, and do our best to make it clear just how strong the information is. We try, as best we can, to be a responsible outlet.

Northeast Ohio is our primary coverage area. Occasionally, we’ll run items from other Ohio markets, including, but not limited to, Columbus, Cincinnati and Toledo. These items run as we find them, usually on other sites such as AllAccess or in local newspapers. We don’t have many in-house sources in these markets, so that information should be considered a bonus.

Our personal area of interest is radio news, talk and sports formats, and local TV operations. You’ll see a lot about those topics here on OMW, but we do try to keep tabs on other radio formats. Generally speaking, we don’t keep track of music stations and their playlists, but we do try to track personalities on those stations when warranted.

Your Primary Editorial Voice(tm) is a long-time broadcast veteran, with most of our experience coming outside the Cleveland/Akron/Canton region. No, before you ask, you probably don’t know us.

We have several running jokes here…this Glossary we published some time ago may help you through some of them.

Anyway, welcome aboard, and we hope you enjoy our humble little blog!

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