WTAM Names Its Newsroom

OMW first talked about this way back in December, when we learned that Clear Channel’s Madison WI news/talk station sold naming rights to its newsroom to a local bank.

Some seven months later, Clear Channel talk WTAM/1100 Cleveland has followed suit in selling newsroom naming rights…though the station did not turn to a bank, it turned to a utility.

WTAM’s local newscasts are now tagged “from the WTAM/1100 24 Hour Newsroom, powered by The Illuminating Company and Ohio Edison”. We don’t know how long they’ve been doing this, but we just heard it today. (“Powered by”, get it?) Due to the need for FirstEnergy to name both its Cleveland-based and Akron-based systems, it’s a bit unwieldy.

The sponsorship tagline leads one to wonder what’ll happen if there are massive power outages in the region. “The 24 Hour Newsroom, one of a few things still powered by…”, perhaps? OK, so we’re having a little fun with this…

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