“Mud, Mihalik and Mike” Hit the Airwaves

“Holy smokes – it’s so nice to be back on the air.”

That was the opening line from “Mud”, the new morning co-host at WNCX/98.5, as “Mud, Mihalik, and Mike” made their debut on the CBS Radio Cleveland classic rocker.

He went on to talk about what kind of show listeners should expect. “We hope it’s going to be a lively talk,” said the host known to some other Cleveland listeners under his other former air name of Wynn Richards, but who’s only going by his M105-inspired moniker of “Mud” on WNCX. “We hope that we bring you lively music. We hope you bring you lively fun and frivolity – we want to be YOUR morning show.”

Co-host Mike Olezewski chimed in with what sounded like a humorous take on a quote from a consultant or manager: “Entertaining, yet insightful!”

And the show took an early call from someone who said he was glad to hear Kim Mihalik back on the radio…telling her he missed her since she left her job working with “that frat guy on the AM station”.

The line elicited a laugh from the former co-host of the afternoon show with Cleveland’s number one on-air eating personality, WTAM/1100’s Mike Trivisonno, but Mihalik otherwise took the high road at the first Triv mention…saying the caller “made her day” by missing her on the radio.

There’s a fourth member of the show ensemble, uncredited in the title – WNCX assistant program director Dave Jockers, who will be the show’s producer. It’s the same role he held, with different duties, for the station’s airings of Howard Stern and David Lee Roth.

And speaking of Roth, it’s the show’s first day, so we won’t critique it here. You might recall we afforded the same courtesy to Diamond Dave. But at very least, we can say that “Mud, Mihalik and Mike” – from early listening – does not appear to be the instant audio train wreck that DLR was…

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