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ROGER’S MUSINGS: Cleveland Plain Dealer sports/media columnist Roger Brown has some radio/TV musings in his Sunday column.

The Artful Roger elicits a new quote out of deposed Cleveland Cavaliers TV voice Michael Reghi, days after Dan Gilbert and company replaced him with Detroit Pistons TV voice Fred McLeod.

Reghi tells Brown that he “really hoped” he’d be calling Cavs games for the rest of his career…but adds: “you pick yourself up and move on”.

It’ll be interesting to see if Reghi does indeed pursue NBA announcing jobs in other cities, as he continues working for FSN Ohio as part of the team’s Browns coverage. For now, he’s only been officially tabbed as host of the network’s “Browns Camp” coverage of the team’s pre-season training camp.

Mr. Brown also notes that Cavs over-air TV outlet WUAB/43 is expected to air “significantly fewer” games this season. It would appear to be part of the natural process leading to the team’s expected exclusive pact with FSN Ohio…

Roger also tells us that the team is expected to decide on the future of public address announcer Ronnie Duncan this week. We’ve heard it’s possible the WERE/1300 morning drive talk host won’t be returning to the PA microphone at Quicken Loans Arena this year.

And the PD columnist points out the obvious regarding Cleveland Browns TV rights: Now-former local Browns TV home WOIO/19 will actually still air 13 of the team’s 16 regular season games as a result of its affiliation with AFC-carrying network CBS.

One game, the NFL Network contest against the Pittsburgh Steelers in December, ends up on FOX’s WJW/8… the station bought the local rights to the cable game long before WOIO got into hot water with the team.

NFL NETWORK AND U: While we’re talking about the NFL Network, OMW hears from at least one reader that you’ll get one thing by calling the number the network gives out – 866-NFL-NETW(ORK) – a pitch to dump Time Warner Cable and sign up with DirecTV instead.

If you’re not looking to go with satellite TV, a call to 888-683-1000 or 800-266-2278 may be more useful in registering your thoughts.

The former is the former Adelphia customer service number, now being answered by Time Warner…the latter, the Comcast customer service number (800-COMCAST), where new TWC customers are presumably being routed to whoever’s handling those calls for them now.

And our belated thanks to OMW reader Phil in Bainbridge for letting us know about the Time Warner NFL Network-related message on the former ESPNU channel, 125.

We honestly overlooked his E-mail on Saturday afternoon, and got tipped by another reader on this. We’d have had the item up four hours earlier if his E-mail hadn’t been caught in the wrong folder…

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