Thursday Grab Bag

Some updates and some news:

NOT BOOMING: AllAccess “independently confirms” our item from late last night about Euclid’s Chuck Booms being out at FOX Sports Radio.

While we were doing some Google searching on his name last night, we uncovered an interesting article out of the Cleveland Free Times from over a year ago. It seems Booms was very much involved in an 2005 effort to recall the mayor of Euclid, and the article says if that recall was successful, the sports talker and comedian could have become mayor himself.

We don’t remember the effort originally, and we can’t even find the article we saw late last night, but that would have been an interesting combo…

YTV-ING IT: The announcement of the full schedule of a new MyNetworkTV affiliate is normally kind of a yawner. We already know the new mini-network’s two prime time shows, and the rest of the schedule is typically filled with the usual syndicated talk shows, reruns and the like.

But it looks like Chelsey Broadcasting ABC affiliate WYTV/33 in Youngstown is actually going to produce some significant local programming for its new “MyYTV” subchannel, which bows in early September.

In addition to the previously announced 10 PM newscast, and some high-school produced programming on weekends, “MyYTV” plans to air a two hour local afternoon talk show called “For the People”.

The Youngstown-Warren Business Journal reports that “For the People” will air weekdays from 3-5 PM not only on MyYTV, but it’ll be simulcast on Cumulus local standards outlet WSOM/600, with the audio being streamed at Channel 33’s website.

WYTV’s Dave Trabert tells the Business Journal that the show “will identify problems in the community and try to find solutions,” and to that end, WYTV “33 News” anchor Vince Bevacqua will be joined by Andrea Mahone, youth coordinator for the city of Youngstown.

The talk show and a half-hour sports talk show called “MySports Talk”, which will air after the 10 PM newscast, will both repeat later at night. A weekend show called “Increase the Peace”, hosted by Mahone, will also tackle youth-related problems.

While we’re at it in the MyNetworkTV world, the network’s website now lists WNGT-LP/48 as its Toledo affiliate. WNGT is the current UPN outlet in Toledo…

CARL MONDAY WORLDWIDE: The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Joe Guillen visits the Internet fame visited upon WKYC/3 investigative reporter Carl Monday.

Monday’s a big name on TV here, and has been for some time. But it was one particular piece of reporting that brought him to cult status in cyberspace: a report of a man who touched more than the keyboard and mouse at a local library’s Internet computer.

Much of the action online was fueled by a popular sports blog, Deadspin, which posted video of the story. Deadspin’s Will Leitch told the PD that “it was just the perfect satire of local television investigative reports going out of control.”

Monday tells the PD’s Guillen he’s aware of the entertainment value of the video online, but that he still thinks “it’s a serious subject. People keep forgetting, this was in a public place, in a library, and it was near a children’s section.”

The Internet hubbub over Monday and the Library Man apparently even prompted a Florida minor league baseball team to dedicate a night in Monday’s “honor”, giving discounts to those who dressed up like the WKYC commentator.

As far as “all hell breaking loose” on the blogs, as Monday noted, we remind him that OMW was not in that parade. We were tipped off to this a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t run with it at the time…

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