Dave Ramsey’s Replacement

Listeners to Salem Christian talk/teaching WKHW/1220 “The Word” Cleveland – and sister WKHZ/1440 Warren/Youngstown – heard “Janet Parshall’s America” in the 3-5 PM slot formerly occupied by syndicated money advice host Dave Ramsey.

The Salem/Ramsey split – first brought to light anywhere right here on OMW – involved Ramsey’s people saying the show refused to pay to remain on the Salem talk/teaching and secular talk outlets. Ramsey pulled his show from all 21 of his Salem affiliates after Thursday’s broadcast.

And though Parshall’s Christian-themed issues show isn’t paying for its clearance, being an in-house production by Salem, there’s reason to already see dollar signs in Salem’s eyes when the company looks at the time slot.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, WHKW will air the paid talk show “The Alicia Lytle Show”, hosted by the attorney of the same name. She promotes the show on her website as “Godly Legal Advice”:

The Alicia Lytle Show is the radio broadcast of Attorney Alicia Lytle, Managing Partner of Lytle & Associates, LLC. Attorney Lytle plainly discusses legal topics that affect families, businesses, non-profits, and ministries.

Lytle has already been heard on 1220 AM with her program on Wednesdays at 12:45 PM.

And in perhaps the oddest twist yet, Lytle’s website comes up with a promo voiced by…you guessed it, now former WHKW/WHKZ afternoon syndicated host Dave Ramsey. For the Lytle show’s old time slot, of course. Though for all we know, he wishes her well taking his time slot two days a week, and encouraged her to fill the void left by his departure from the station.

The “Word” schedule indicates that the station’s Mahoning Valley simulcaster WHKZ is making its own efforts to make money in the 3-5 PM slot vacated by Ramsey, though we don’t know if the shows already preempted the money talker before he left Salem’s stations. The schedule for 1440 lists “Regional Prayer Watch” and “Light in the Midst of Darkness” with one or two day preemptions of the WHKW Cleveland-based schedule…

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