NASCAR Fans Speak – WKYC Listens

We noted earlier that members of NASCAR Nation were not happy over the weekend, when local NBC affiliate WKYC/3 pre-empted much of Sunday’s race for a previously-scheduled Cleveland Indians game.

It looks like WKYC is going to do its best to avoid another such, umm, crash, in October.

The Indians are scheduled to play on Channel 3 on October 1st, which will conflict with another NASCAR race. WKYC programmer Terry Moir tells Akron Beacon Journal TV columnist R.D. Heldenfels that the station “is in discussions about swapping” that day’s Indians game with SportsTime Ohio for another game.

Why didn’t Channel 3 do this in the first place?

Moir says the station didn’t want to switch another game with STO “too soon” after doing so just last month. That switch apparently didn’t involve NASCAR, with fans who roar nearly as loud as the engines in their favorite drivers’ cars.

That roar was apparently heard. Moir’s ears are probably still ringing. She says it was never WKYC’s “intention to upset people”…

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