While Waiting for Shoes to Drop

And there’s at least a pair of shoes on their way to that position…

HOT IN HD: Cumulus top 40 WHOT/101.1 Youngstown is turning on the HD juice, according to an item in today’s AllAccess. The station calls itself “the first in Eastern Ohio” to do so, which would presumably not count all the major Cleveland market stations running HD carriers right now.

“Hot 101” programmer John Trout tells the trade website that he “threw the switch” to turn on the station’s IBOC carrier at 5 PM on Wednesday. In the item, he nodded to the station’s broadcast history in the Mahoning Valley, and linked himself to the station’s only two previous program directors in its 51 year history, Dick Thompson and Tom Pappas.

Much of that history, of course, was on the AM side of things. There’s no word if WHOT plans an HD2 subchannel, or if the number of HD-capable radios in the Youngstown/Warren market has gotten into double digits yet…

SORT OF NORTHEAST OHIO RUMOR: We’re only placing this here so we can confirm it later.

OMW hears that a former Northeast Ohio talk radio host is about to be without a show in his current market (well outside the area). The station involved appears to be ending his show, the only local talk show on the station, in favor of a fully syndicated schedule…

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