It Still Hasn’t Happened Yet

“It”, of course, is our now long-standing report of that cross-state radio station swap between Cumulus and Clear Channel, which we know for sure includes Cumulus Canton rocker WRQK/106.9 going to Clear Channel…and a pair of Clear Channel clusters in Michigan going to Cumulus.

That part has been confirmed numerous times by numerous OMW sources in both states, and also by other sources, including Mike Austerman’s Michiguide up there.

The folks at Conclave’s “Main St. Tattler” have reported a rumored aspect of the deal, which would also include Cumulus Youngstown market country WQXK/105.1 “K105” and standards WSOM/600, both licensed to Salem, both going to Clear Channel.

Just so you don’t think we’re hallucinating this, the “Main St. Tattler” report is now available in PDF form on its website. Click the link, and have some version of Adobe Acrobat handy to read it.

OK, so there isn’t really anything new. This entry primarily exists to provide that link, and clarify once again that OMW is NOT reporting the K105/WSOM rumor linked to the sale. We keep asking our sources, and not one of them (in either state) has confirmed that portion of the Main St. Tattler report we link above. Frankly, we’re mostly getting a lot of head shaking.

And the other reason: many expect this swap – in whatever form – to finally see the light of day sometime this week. Well, the light of day that isn’t right here on Your Mighty Blog of Fun(tm)…

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