Now, They Know

OMW hears that the long-awaited announcement has been officially made this morning at Cumulus Canton rock outlet WRQK/106.9 “Rock 107” – the station is going to Clear Channel as part of that multi-station swap in Ohio and Michigan.

OMW also hears from a number of sources that the announcement only involved WRQK, as we’ve been reporting for some time now. Despite rumors and even other reports on the deal, there is no indication that any other Northeast Ohio station is being swapped from Cumulus to Clear Channel. Cumulus, in return, will get Clear Channel stations in two Michigan markets.

Clear Channel will take over operational control of WRQK in an LMA on September 1st.

We understand that folks from the Clear Channel World Domination HQ/Southern Command on Freedom Avenue will be visiting WRQK’s Martindale Road studios on Friday of this week to talk to employees there. WRQK will move into the Freedom Avenue compound, though that move may not happen exactly on September 1st.

We hope the WRQK employees, after reading about this on OMW for weeks and having it denied even in-house, can breathe easier now. From everything we’ve been hearing, it does not appear that Clear Channel plans any massive or even minor cuts at “Rock 107″…

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