Bernie Responds to Whispers

In his Friday outing, Cleveland Plain Dealer sports/media columnist Roger Brown brings up something that’s been asked off-air by some locally – what’s wrong with Bernie Kosar?

The former Cleveland Browns star quarterback’s demeanor has been talked about ever since he appeared via phone on WTAM/1100’s afternoon show with Mike Trivisonno.

The response to that appearance even prompted Triv to launch into a spirited defense of his friend Kosar – pictured here with Browns TV cohorts Sam Rosen and Brian Brennan.

“He’s always sounded like that,” Triv responded to callers making wild speculation on what Kosar may have been drinking. Others asked if number 19 was suffering the effects of too many hits from opposing defenders.

Brown’s entry today is only notable because he’s gotten Kosar to respond to the whispers wondering about his health.

The current Browns TV analyst tells the Artful Roger via E-Mail that:

“[There’s] no problem… It is what it is and I am who I am.”

That’s the same response that Triv gave when some listeners called up wondering about Kosar’s, umm, mental state.

Kosar says he’s not a polished analyst, and doesn’t intend on becoming “the second coming of John Madden”.

In our humble opinion, much ado about nothing. Now that “it’s out there” and Kosar has responded, maybe we can concentrate on how Kosar can improve in the Browns TV booth…

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