A New Voice in the Blogosphere

We’re quite honored to be named as the inspiration for a new local voice making its way onto what’s called “The Blogosphere”.

A gentleman from Rittman named Cliff Feightner, better known to local radio message board regulars as “74WIXYGrad”, has started his own blog called “WIXY’s Gone Bananas”.

It’s more of a general look into Cliff’s thoughts and life, but we appreciate the fact that he names your Mighty Blog of Fun(tm) as the inspiration for the blog. Though Cliff is not “in the business” – his username refers to his long-ago time at the old WIXY School of Broadcast Technique – he has a smart perspective on his favorite radio formats as a listener.

The din of “listener feedback” is sometimes enough to drive people in the business nuts. People ask impossible things out of their stations, and sometimes make requests and comments that leave us shaking our heads. As such, those of us who’ve been in radio often tend to discount listener input.

Radio stations would do well to listen to more of the smart feedback coming from people like Cliff.

Welcome to the blogosphere, “WIXY’s Gone Bananas!”…

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