My YTV’s Debut

We weren’t close enough to Youngstown to catch the video, but we heard the audio simulcast of WYTV/33’s sister station and its signature program – “My YTV”‘s afternoon talk show “For the People” – on Cumulus standards WSOM/600 Salem.

Aside from a few first-day glitches, the show in general sounded to us a lot like a radio simulcast of a public affairs show.

Well, maybe not as dry as most Sunday morning shows aired by radio and TV stations, but the show does seem to have a high-minded interest in fueling the brains of viewers and listeners. (We’ll see how that goes over.)

The show also gives WYTV a chance to heavily promote on radio not only its new MyNetworkTV digital/cable sister station, but its own 5 PM newscast. WYTV anchor Vince Bevacqua co-hosts “For the People”, and we heard a typical “here’s what we’re working on for 33 News at 5” promo for that newscast during the show’s simulcast on WSOM.

The rest of the “My YTV” programming day, aside from the MNT programming, the talk show, a 10 PM edition of “33 News” and a sports show after that, seems to consist mainly of very old “classic TV” shows like “I Love Lucy” and “Happy Days” and repeats of the local programming. Oh, Martha Stewart and new talker Greg Behrendt are in there as well, along with a couple of recent sitcom repeats.

And though the new station has managed low channel number placement on Valley cable systems owned by Comcast (3) and Armstrong (13), a peek at the programming schedule shows that dominant provider Time Warner Cable will air it on…cable channel 534, up near the HDTV simulcasts, and we believe right next to WYTV’s own HDTV simulcast at 533.

It reminds us of TWC’s channel placement of Canton independent LPTVer WIVM-LP/52…585…

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