Wednesday “Gig List”

Some other stuff that wouldn’t fit elsewhere, mostly involving new work…but not all:

STERLING GIG: Former Clear Channel talk WTVN/610 Columbus evening host Sterling gets a new full-time gig. Starting today, he picks up the noon-2 PM (CT) weekday time slot on Hubbard talk KSTP/1500 Minneapolis, which was hosted until Tuesday by Ron Rosenbaum and Mark O’Connell.

In the radio definition of “Minnesota Nice”, the station allowed Rosenbaum and O’Connell to actually say goodbye on Tuesday…an audio segment you can still hear on their page on the KSTP website.

After leaving WTVN, Sterling has done frequent fill-in on Clear Channel talk sister WLW/700 Cincinnati “The Big One”. And if you didn’t know and had “Schiessler” in the “What Is Sterling’s Last Name?” pool, collect your winnings…

DIRK GIG: While we’re bouncing up and down I-71 between Clear Channel’s Cincinnati and Columbus talk stations, we’ll make a stop back at WTVN… where weekend talker Dirk Thompson (“RadioDeli”, 4-7 PM Saturdays, noon-3 Sundays) picks up some fill-in work at yet another Clear Channel Ohio talker.

Dirk tells us that he’ll be on WSPD/1370 Toledo from September 8th through September 18th, filling in during afternoon drive for WSPD program director Brian Wilson.

He describes his “RadioDeli” show to us:

“…recapping the week’s current events, news, politics and talk topics from an independent/libertarian point of view, with a ‘wry’ sense of humor thrown in.”

That would seem to make him a perfect fill-in for the often libertarian-leaning Wilson…

JOEL GIG: WAKS/96.5’s newest voice, “Java Joel” Murphy, has officially taken the rains of the Cleveland Clear Channel top 40’s night slot.

Unlike his previous time in the slot on “96-5 Kiss FM”, Murphy is live and local from the Clear Channel World Domination HQ in Independence. The stint comes after what was mostly his absence from big market radio, aside from some Chicago fill-ins and a voicetracking stint at a Montreal top 40 rimshot not far from his upstate New York birthplace…

KING GIG: AllAccess reports that Cumulus Cincinnati country outlet WYGY/96.5 “96.5 The Star” has inked a new programmer. WYCT/Pensacola FL program director Kevin King is headed for Cincinnati later this month…

AND NO GIG: Salem sports talk WKNR/850 Cleveland is now, as far as we can determine, about to officially become the company’s only sports radio station.

That’s because Salem is selling the other one, WZNZ/1460 “ESPN 1460” Jacksonville FL. AllAccess reports that WZNZ and sister conservative talk WJGR/1320 “The Patriot” are going to Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting, a company with familial ties to Salem…for just south of $2 million.

But Chesapeake-Portsmouth – despite being owned by the wife of Salem’s Stuart Epperson – generally has run religious formats in its short time operating stations. It recently flipped a hot talk AM station and its sister in the region it’s named for (Norfolk/Virginia Beach/Portsmouth VA) to a Christian format.

And Stuart Epperson himself runs a few religious stations in North Carolina, separate from his work with Salem, under the “Truth Radio” banner.

So, no matter what the ties between Nancy Epperson and her husband’s company, we’d expect “ESPN 1460” to change format at some point…

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