Rock 107 Rocking Akron Again

We haven’t been listening every day, so we don’t know when it was fixed… but Cumulus rock WRQK/106.9 Canton “Rock 107” is once again able to talk to Akron…and for that matter, other areas beyond Stark County.

The same drive we took a few days ago in Cuyahoga Falls, when WRQK was mostly inaudible, we took again tonight…with “Rock 107” coming in loud and clear this time.

The station has been operating at low power for much of the past week or two, while it repaired what we’ve heard was a malfunctioning transmitter.

Oh, for those waiting for other “Rock 107” news…not yet. We’ve heard a certain major event we’ve been reporting that was scheduled to happen Friday of last week may not happen until sometime next week…

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