UPDATE 12:32 AM 9/13/06: OMW hears that WHBC VP/general manager Rich Bossler and general sales manager Sue Motts have both exited, along with one other (off-air/office) staffer.

We hear the new acting VP/general manager at WHBC is the general manager of NextMedia’s cluster in Saginaw MI, Floyd Evans.

For those wondering what other pieces of footwear are about to drop on Market Avenue South, OMW has NO indication at this writing that any other major changes are about to happen.

Our original item is below…


OMW hears from reliable sources that Rich Bossler, the general manager of NextMedia’s WHBC/1480-WHBC-FM/94.1 in Canton, is no longer working for the station.

Our sources say that former WRQK/106.9 general sales manager Pam Allen has now taken that same role at WHBC (as GSM), but we don’t know what that means for current WHBC GSM Sue Motts. We also don’t know, at this time, who is either acting general manager or permanent general manager in the wake of Bossler’s exit.

In all the detailed, and sometimes over the top, reporting we’ve done here on WHBC, we’d like to make one thing clear. We aren’t celebrating Bossler’s exit from the station.

Despite what it might seem, OMW does not publish every rumbling we hear. But we would like to say that even in the “darkest hour” for the news on WHBC, every single source we have has been nothing but complimentary when talking about Bossler.

He’s widely perceived as a “good guy”, and frankly, we haven’t heard one bad thing about him either from his co-workers at Market Street South, or even from his competitors in the region.

As we always like to see the “good guys” win, here’s hoping Rich Bossler lands smoothly…

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