Monday, Monday

Some early week items:

WBNX’S NEW PAINT: In its first day as an affiliate of the new CW network, Cleveland’s former WB outlet has a new look to its website.

WBNX/55 has dumped the WB look for the new color of CW green.

The website is pretty similar in features to the one which it replaced today, and in fact, despite changing the look, they haven’t even reworded the “Trends” page that says the station is “endeavoring” to air its digital/HDTV signal by September 2006. (WBNX, meet Mr. Calendar, it’s September 18th!)

“Cleveland’s CW” kicks off its new network with a “7th Heaven” repeat at 8, followed by an Entertainment Tonight-produced special on the CW at 9…

PLAIN DEALER FOLO 1: A small item from Julie Washington that we missed as a “Short Cut” in the Plain Dealer last week – Cleveland public radio outlet WCPN/90.3 has changed its mid-morning news and information show from “90.3 at 9” to “The Sound of Ideas”.

With the exit of host Cindi Deutschman-Ruiz, “Morning Edition” local host Dan Moulthrop takes over the new show, which sounds like it’s meant to be a radio companion to ideaStream sister PBS station WVIZ/25’s “Ideas” show.

Julie also catches up with Akron today, and has an item on Rubber City country WQMX/94.9’s lineup changes

PLAIN DEALER FOLO 2: Roger in Brief Department – the PD’s sports/media columnist touches on Ohio State’s big ratings and a live broadcast of the team’s Monday night “Roundtable” show from Independence in his Monday Media Column.

The Artful Roger also gets to the NFL Network (re)dumping by Time Warner Cable for former Adelphia and Comcast subscribers, with local TWC spokesman Bill Jasso hopeful for an agreement, but the NFL Network’s spokesman not seeing it happening any time soon.

To round it out, Roger gives a scorecard to baseball TV analysts, SportsTime Ohio and college basketball, and FSN Ohio’s handling of Browns programming as the new official cable outlet for the NFL team…

AMAZED THEY’RE OUT: Long-time OMW readers know that we have very few network TV “must-watches”. But one of those is the CBS travel/reality show “The Amazing Race”, which premiered last night on the network and local CBS affiliate WOIO/19.

There’s actually a local angle this time, with Bilal Abdul-Mani and Sa’eed Rudolph from Cleveland taking on the race as “Muslim best friends”, one of 12 teams. But those hoping for a long race from the Northeast Ohio duo were disappointed, as they got “Philiminated” earlier than any team in the show’s history – in the middle of the very first leg.

“TAR” has had one other area team in its past – a now-married pair from Youngstown, Ray and Deana…

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