Names of the Recent Past

And we didn’t even coordinate these two items which found their way into our mailbox…two people who have surfaced after leaving local media jobs:

RYAN’S JOB: Former WOIO/19 “19 Action News” anchor Ryan Andrews is back on the air in his hometown. No, not Cleveland…Orlando.

A helpful OMW reader leads us to this Orlando TV news website, which says Andrews has been hired as a reporter and weekend anchor at WFTV/9 there. Andrews is originally from the Orlando suburb of Winter Park, and went to college in Florida. He left “Action News” back in January.

His departure from Reserve Square came just before he was going to be moved from a weekday anchor slot to a weekend anchor slot – the position now filled by former Sacramento TV news anchor Paul Joncich.

But it appears from the original story that Andrews was looking to leave WOIO anyway…

KELLY BACK TO VISIT?: A reader tells us they’ve heard former WTAM/1100 Browns beat reporter David Kelly twice on the local radio airwaves recently, with a guest shot on WTAM’s Bob Frantz show…and doing high school football play-by-play (St. Ignatius vs. Mentor) on rival Salem sports talk WKNR/850.

The Frantz appearance is easy enough to do from Memphis, where Kelly went after leaving the Clear Channel talk station here. But you’d pretty much have to be in Cleveland to call a local high school football game, even if you’re just visiting.

We did not hear it, and wonder if anyone did…

Kelly left WTAM to take a job as a broadcaster for the Memphis Redbirds minor league baseball team, which ended its season earlier this month. He’s still listed as one of the Redbirds’ broadcasters on the team’s “Front Office” web page. We can’t find him on the staff page of Redbirds outlet WHBQ/560 “Sports 56”, but we don’t know if he did anything for the station besides the baseball games and related items during the season.

The Redbirds are the top minor league club in the St. Louis Cardinals’ system…

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