A Couple of Items We Missed

When we’re in a “zone”, like we have been with sports radio the past couple of days, we sometimes miss other stuff. Here’s that other stuff:

WZAK’S A TALKIN’: This is up on AllAccess today, and we heard it ourselves tuning the dial to WZAK/93.1… afternoon drive talk show host Michael Baisden has made the lineup at the Radio One Cleveland urban AC outlet.

Yes, we said talk show host.

Baisden, for those unfamiliar with his meteoric rise in the urban radio world, hosts a talk show which has also been known as “Love, Lust and Lies”. ABC Radio started syndicating the show out of New York City in 2004, and the self-described “Bad Boy” is one of the most popular newcomers to the syndicated radio world.

The move turns WZAK into sort of an urban format version of CBS Radio alt-rock WXRK/92.3, since WZAK is already the Cleveland market affiliate for Tom Joyner’s morning drive talk show. And like “K-Rock” hanging onto its “Everything Alternative” slogan, WZAK continues to position itself as “Cleveland’s R&B Leader”.

Baisden also adds a Radio One urban AC outlet in Raleigh NC to his affiliate list. We’re not familiar enough with the WZAK schedule to know who Baisden replaces in the lineup…

NEW KISS-ING: Also up on AllAccess, is a nod to Clear Channel top 40 WAKS/96.5’s new website.

AllAccess wonders if the new site for “Kiss Cleveland” could be a template for other top 40 stations in the company. The design looks very similar to the existing Clear Channel website template, seen on other stations here…but the graphics are enhanced from the standard issue company site…

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