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Here at OMW, we generally don’t cover the print media in depth, but we’ve already checked in on major changes at local newspapers.

We’ve noticed that, for example, Cleveland Browns beat reporter Patrick McManamon is still covering the team for the Akron Beacon Journal…despite an earlier report that he’d be one of the employees let go in a job purge of a third of the ABJ’s newsroom staff.

We’re guessing that they’ll find a way to keep McManamon on staff until the end of the Browns season. Since we’re talking about the Browns, that’ll likely be no later than early January.

And though there are no forced layoffs at the Cleveland Plain Dealer, yet, there are buyouts intended to reduce staff.

OMW hears that word is going around town quickly… that one name on the PD staff rumored to be taking an early buyout may be of interest to regular readers of this report. It’s apparently all over the local media rumor mill, but we won’t mention the name until we can confirm it…

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