Monday Night Random Fallout

Some items with no other home…

IGOR OUT: OMW actually got a tip on this a couple of days ago, but we weren’t able to confirm it until now.

AllAccess reports that WZKL/92.5 “Q92” night jock/imaging director Igor is out at theCanton market top 40 outlet. The item would seem to suggest that he left the station on his own. Though Igor was indeed in a bit of controversy recently, it appeared at the time that station management was in his corner.

Q92 programmer John Stewart is accepting T&R’s at the Alliance House of Radio, aka Q92’s Alliance studios, and via E-Mail at johnstewartradio – at – Feel free to construct your own link to save him from spambots…and catch up with Igor at

BENNETT OUT: AllAccess also reports that WSNY/94.7 “Sunny 95” middayer Sandy Bennett has left the Columbus AC outlet.

Before coming to the Saga-owned station and the state capital, Bennett made her name in Cleveland at oldies WMJI/105.7, along with former top 40 outlet WZJM/92.3 “Jammin’ 92”, now alt-rock/talk WXRK…

CLEVELAND, GOING DOWN!: In what should be no surprise to anyone watching Northeast Ohio’s population numbers, Cleveland has slipped out of the top 25 as far as Arbitron’s radio market listing is concerned for the Fall 2006 survey.

The new list drops Cleveland to #26. Here’s the rest of the Ohio markets:

Cincinnati – 28 (down from 26)
Columbus – 37 (up from 38)
Dayton – 59 (down from 58)
Akron – 74 (down from 73)
Toledo – 87 (down from 84)
Youngstown – 117 (up from 119)
Canton – 128 (up from 129)
Lima – 250 (down from 248)

Oddly enough, both Canton and Youngstown went up the rankings a bit, despite the fact that neither market is exactly growing…other cities must have fallen further.

Here’s a link to the Arbitron market ranking online, which has already been reflected to show the new Fall 2006 rankings…

SPORTS/TALK RADIO ON THE WEB: Two local stations have listeners bugging us to “make them fix it” with their websites.

One is almost fixed. We noted back when Salem sports talk WKNR/850 Cleveland put up a streaming audio link, it was misconfigured so most web surfers had to manually put the URL into a streaming program (a la WinAmp or iTunes).

That’s been fixed, as months later, someone finally got around to putting up a playlist that launches whatever program is associated with MP3 streaming playlists on your computer.


The input to the streaming audio server is way, way too low. The input barely nudges the display that tracks the audio on WinAmp, or iTunes. Now, when you’re turning the volume up, please don’t over distort it. Just nudge it up a bit…

We do note that FOX Sports Radio’s Steve Czaban and Andrew Siciliano have been added to the WKNR website, along with a note about the station’s new affiliation.

Over to competitor WTAM/1100, where an OMW reader points out that the Clear Channel talker has not excised either Paul Harvey or the Harvey-led Midday Report from the current program schedule.

Parts of the schedule look hastily edited, with Saturday “Coast to Coast AM” host Ian Punnett relegated to all lower case for his name…and the station’s Sunday morning talk show similarly afflicted as the “Sunday morning sports page”…

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