More Signs from Canton

To update our earlier item about both rock WRQK/106.9 and incoming (current) WJER-FM 101.7, both soon to join the Clear Channel Akron/Canton cluster…

We were curious about the construction we’d heard mentioned at the WRQK tower site, so we dropped by the end of 22nd Street off Whipple Avenue with the Official OMW Photographer over the weekend and sure enough…

…here it is.

(OK, so the “Official OMW Photographer” is actually your Primary Editorial Voice[tm] with a modest digital camera, but play along with us, OK?)

This timing coincides with the appearance, finally, of the construction permit application to move now-WJER-FM/101.7 to North Canton, which we saw show up in the FCC’s online database on Friday.

We’re no experts, but it appears the filing was actually accepted Friday, as a “minor change” application to fulfill the COL move.

And, as we already knew, the new, to-be-built WRQK tower is indeed cited in the WJER-FM CP application as the station’s new home under the North Canton COL. Which, of course, brings us back to the construction picture we’ve brought you here.

Since the WRQK construction permit has been approved since 2004, Cumulus can go ahead and build the tower, then Clear Channel – by that time, presumably in control of both 106.9 and 101.7 – can erect the 101.7 antenna on the tower as soon as THAT CP is approved.

The bottom line? The construction season in Northeast Ohio probably only has a couple of months or so, if that, depending on the weather…so they’re likely hoping that the tower is up before major winter weather…

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