EXCLUSIVE: Big Chuck and Lil John Farewell?

OMW hears from a reliable source that long-time WJW/8 late night/weekend hosts “Big Chuck” Schodowski and “Lil’ John” Rinaldi may be heading off into the TV sunset next summer.

The departure would appear to come due to pressure from FOX, which bought the station in that whole New World/Storer deal in the mid-90’s.

OMW hears that after years of that pressure, local management on South Marginal Road has finally acceded to the wishes of the FOX corporate brass, and is not renewing the contracts of Schodowski and Rinaldi.

We hear the end of “Big Chuck and Lil’ John” on FOX 8 could come by July 2007.

The show, in some form or another, spans generations. When your Primary Editorial Voice(tm) was growing up, the late night movie/comedy show was “Hoolihan and Big Chuck”, which had grown out of the popular “Ghoulardi” show (where Chuck was a staffer).

When Bob “Hoolihan” Wells scooted off to Florida, local jeweler and show skit staple “Lil John” took over…

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