Tait Whams With the Right Hand

It appears Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert has learned the Lesson of Michael Reghi.

The team and veteran radio play-by-play voice Joe Tait are announcing a new 2-year deal, keeping the Voice of the Cavaliers in front of the microphone through the 2008-2009 season. The new contract extension will take effect at the end of the current NBA season, giving Tait three seasons – counting this one – to hope he sees LeBron James lead the team to their first NBA title.

After a rather odd attempt at humor, comparing Tait to the Energizer bunny, or batteries, or whatever, Gilbert put out a clear message to those fearing the long-time Cavs radio voice would be replaced by someone from Detroit. Not like anyone would ever do something like that:

We are thrilled that Joe has agreed to continue on as the voice of the Cavs for at least the next three years. As long as Joe Tait can and wants to call the Cavalier games he will be the voice of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Tait has been calling professional basketball on the radio in Cleveland nearly continuously since shortly after the Cavaliers debuted in the NBA in 1970. His only absence from the team – from 1981 to 1983 – can be blamed on Ted Stepien, the Cavs’ former Idiot in Charge…who fired Tait only to find out that the radio announcer was much more popular than the team’s owner…

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